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CSCI 4510/6510 - Distributed Systems and Algorithms - Fall 12222

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On fairness as an abstraction for the design of distributed systems - IEEE Conference Publication

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More specifically after the course is completed the student will: Know how to specify the properties of distributed algorithms, so called liveness and safety properties. Explain the different models of distributed systems, including failure and timing models. Master basic algorithms for failure detection, leader elections, broadcast and multicast, basic shared memory in distributed systems, agreement protocols, and group communication.

Practice in design and implementation of selected distributed algorithms in middleware designed for group communication.

Advanced Course, 2+2

Course Disposition No information inserted. The student should be able to explain the different models of distributed system. Please use ide.

Design issues of distributed system — Heterogeneity : Heterogeneity is applied to the network, computer hardware, operating system and implementation of different developers. A key component of the heterogeneous distributed system client-server environment is middleware.

Distributed Systems in One Lesson by Tim Berglund

Middleware is a set of service that enables application and end-user to interacts with each other across a heterogeneous distributed system. Openness : The openness of the distributed system is determined primarily by the degree to which new resource sharing services can be made available to the users.

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Open systems are characterized by the fact that their key interfaces are published. It is based on a uniform communication mechanism and published interface for access to shared resources. It can be constructed from heterogeneous hardware and software.

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